What Is It?


Origami Wraps®

The Wrap that started it all, our Origami Wrap® is a sushi wrap to replace sea weed.

Gem Wraps®

Our newest product, Gem Wraps® was born to replace tortillas and bread in general.

How we do it

NewGem Foods is committed to producing high quality food products that are manufactured, packaged and shipped in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices and AIB Food Safety Standards

Localy sourced Ingredients

Our ingredients

Natural Ingredients

One thing we have found is that it is easier to use artificial ingredients in our products, the other is that we dont actualy want to eat those artificial ingredients. This also goes againts our effort for better health. We only use natural or from natrual ingredients.

Organic and Non-GMO options

We endevour to use the healthiest ingredients we can find. when available we purchase from organic and Non-GMO sources.

Keeping It Raw

We use a large food dehytrator that allows our ingredients to retain as much of its nutrients as possible for your consuption. After all, it is about eating healthier.

why we do it
Skipjack tuna shoal Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Our Motivation

We are effectively destroying our oceans in our endevour for premieum cuisine. We at NewGem Foods want to make a practical and mutually beneficial effort to change our food industries direction and effect on our natural resources.